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Monthly Archive: January 2018

Getting Your Kid To Listen To You!

Getting a child, whether a toddler or a little grown up kid, to listen to their parents is a real challenge indeed! There is no doubt that the struggle to get a child to listen to their parents is very real! In fact some parents will swear that it is easier to have their wisdom tooth pulled out than getting a kid to listen!So here are some tips that will help you get your kid to listen to you!Grabbing their attentionYou will need to first grasp their attention! You need to ensure that you have their attention before telling them something. So, you can either start talking about a topic that they will be interested in or you could even get them something like a toy or food that they would enjoy. This will ensure that you have their attention for the next few minutes! So, you can get them to actually understand and process what you are saying. Bribing them with rewardsNext, if you want them to do something, you can try bribing them with rewards if they do as told. For instance you can promise to get them some chocolate or even promise to get the ice cream van hire Canberra for their next birthday party. This will make them want to complete the work as requested, just to get the reward. But do make sure that you don’t always tell them that you will give them something if they complete a task, because then you will never be able to get your kid to do a task without a bribe! Check out more here https://www.classictreats.com.au/events.html. Punishing them when necessaryDo keep in mind that it is not only bad parents who punish! There will come a time and need when the kid needs to be taught that if they cross the line there will be consequences. You can have punishments like depriving them of their usual day out or grounding them for a week. You can also have a more intense punishment of not letting them go on the school trip with friends or etc. It will make them be more careful the next time. But do keep in mind that if they cross the line make sure to carry out the punishment no matter what! Unless you understand that they truly regret their actions and will not repeat it!ConclusionThee bottom line is kids will be kids! It is definitely difficult to get the kids to listen to you. But do keep in mind that getting angry or violent will never make things better. Always remain calm and maintain your posture. Unless they know that they can rely on you to be there for them at all times, they will only get further and further away from you, for the simple fear of you reacting adversely!