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Monthly Archive: December 2018

How To Choose The Right Dessert For Your Event?

What good is any event without a delicious dessert? How do you even conclude an event without a dessert? We believe this is the most important way of closing a deal and set the final tone of the event that can make or break the overall appeal of the event. So here we thought to put together a piece and help you with deciding how to choose the right dessert for your event.

Always keep in your mind, while you may be focusing on the flow of your event, how it will be overall executed and all the nitty grittys, think of it from the guest point of view, they anticipate for the food and the sweat treats. So even if the food is not of the quality they expect, dessert is the deal breaker than. So never forget to focus on your best cupcakes Fandenong. Make sure, you have taken your time to surprise your attendees with a sublime dessert. Take desserts as the opportunity to leaving the best impression of your event, while you can.

So here are a few tips to go about doing things right when it comes to deciding on your desserts:

Firstly, when it comes to menu, start from deciding what your desserts will be like. Since this is what the guests eventually look forward too, this is exactly where your should be spending your most time also. Starting from bottom to top is the key here. Your dessert should be something which looks like good thought and time was spent on it. Once you have decided your dessert, go backwards in deciding the main course, while you set the tone. Make sure, you maintain a balance there.

Secondly, desserts which look visually appealing excites the guests. The appearance and presentation of the dessert also is a part of the event setting as well. But that doesn’t mean what and how it looks like will also settle for the taste. Remember, you first eat from your eyes and then really get the ball rolling! So while you focus on how the dessert should look like, make sure it tastes equally good!

Just because it is time for a dessert, it doesn’t mean it has to be the sweetest sweet you can come up with. When deciding on it, we suggest you to explore your options and move away from the usually chocolate treats. Why not try desserts with fruit based or cheese board, although chocolate is always the winning choice when deciding your menu, but playing around with other options can be a consideration as well.

Now that you know what exactly you should be focusing on, head on to Treats to eat and try the heavenly desserts we have for you and without any worry get your dessert delivery Melbourne done to your event!

Another handy tip to remember is that desserts, although usually sweet, don’t necessarily have to be. Consider asking your venue about a cheese board supper plate, or choosing a fruit based dessert item rather than the heavy, triple chocolate deluxe dish that might have initially caught your eye